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About us
About us

TM company located in Shanghai Caohejing High-Tech Park, is one of China’s earliest product
manufactory, which focus on sensors for 30 years. TM have two state level high-tech subsidiaries,
Shanghai TM Sensor Co.ltd and Shanghai TM Automation Instrument Co ltd. TM Sensor is
specialized in the production and sales of sensors, TM Automation is specialized in the instrument,
intelligent manufacturing, IOT, aeronautics & astronautics testing and system integration
TM is the unit of condential grade II security qualication under the weapon equipment scienti

research production. TM hired a group of doctors & masters and supported by a dozen famous 

experts in manufacturing as technical supervise。 TM have sub branch for R&D in silicon valley US 

and Germany, and also established “ Joint laboratory for the safety sensing technology of rail transit ”, 

“ Research and development center of sensitive materials and sensingtechnology”。 TM products are 

widely used in aviation, aerospace, rail transit, industrial automation and other fields, customers are 

around the world.

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